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Our school held a flag-raising ceremony of "Unite as one to fight the epidemic together"

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On November 7, 2022, after the completion of nucleic acid for all teachers and students on campus, the school held a flag-raising ceremony "Unite as one to fight the epidemic together"。

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The flag-raising ceremony was organized by the director of the Student Affairs Office Zhu Baolei团委Secretary Yu Lina主持Led by Vice President Lv BaotingParticipation of teachers and students。Students stand at intervals according to epidemic prevention and control requirements。With the solemn national anthem,Faculty and studentsLook at the flagThe five-starred Red Flag冉冉Rising, fluttering in the wind。

Zeng Yingjiao, student of Class 1, 2022, spoke under the national flag on behalf of her students。Under the leadership of the Party since the convening of the 20th Congress, a new generation of young people have closely linked their lives with the motherland and The Times, and have acted bravely to make their youth walk with the Party。

Director Zhu Baolei summed up his speech and expressed it on behalf of all teachers and studentsThe determination of "unity, single-mindedness and joint fight against the epidemic"。

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