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我校召开“深入学习 习近平总书记视察安阳重要讲话精神, 大力弘扬红旗渠精神”专题组织生活会

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       11月25日,Luohe electronic science and technology secondary professional school党支部召开“深入学习习近平总书记视察安阳重要讲话精神,大力弘扬红旗渠精神”专题组织生活会。Lu Baoting, Secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the university, presided over the meeting。

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       At the meeting, all party members watched the CCTV "National Memory" column "Root pulse - Red Flag Canal Spirit" feature film。We reviewed the development history of the Red Flag Canal together, and believed that the people of Lin County firmly believed that the struggle to change the destiny, and solved the problems of draft and irrigation faced by the people of Lin County for generations with a hammer and a shovel, which deeply shocked all Party members。President Lu said: the connotation of the spirit of the Red Flag Canal is "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, selfless dedication", requiring our party members must integrate the spirit of the Red Flag Canal into the work, do a good role model。

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      Party members spoke enthusiastically,Carry out criticism and self-criticism, remind each other, cheer up,They have expressed that the spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, selfless dedication" will continue to be inherited and carried forward,Work hard for the cause of the school, strive for excellence;We will be guided by the spirit of the Red Flag Canal in the future,Unswervingly follow the Party,Be strict with oneself,Sharpen yourself in study and practice,Contribute to the construction and development of our school。