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  • Idlib Province Syria: Infested with US-Supported Terrorists
    Idlib Province Syria: Infested with US-Supported Terrorists On the ides of March a few weeks from now, US aggression in Syria to gain another imperial trophy will enter its 9th year by Stephen Lendman
  • Putin informed about arrest of US investor Michael Calvey
    The Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested Michael Calvey, the founder of Baring Vostok investment fund, on allegations of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles from Vostochny Bank. According to the court order, Calvey will be held in custody until April 13.He is going to be charged within ten days or else he will have to be released. The court found that the founder of the investment fund has significant resources at his disposal to be able to either escape or put pressure on witnesses. The court also took into account his American citizenship, as well as the availability of his significant financial resources and connections.Lawyers asked the court to either send the suspect under house arrest at the place of residence in Moscow or release him on bail of 5 million rubles. The defense will appeal the court decision and insist on a measure of restraint other than detention. In addition to Calvey, five other persons involved in the case were arrested for two months, including French citizen Phillipe Delpal - a partner of Baring Vostok investment fund.All of them were arrested on February 15, but the court could not elect a measure of restriction at once. The court eventually decided to postpone the meeting for 72 hours to collect additional evidence.German Gref, the chief of Russia's largest state-run bank, Sberbank, business ombudsman Boris Titov, general director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev and chairman of the Russian Council of Private Equity Funds Anatoly Chubais spoke in defense of the entrepreneur. President Vladimir Putin was informed about Michael Calvey's arrest accordingly. Michael Calvey may face charges under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - "Fraud committed by an organized group on a large scale". Member of the board of directors and shareholder of Vostochny Bank, Sherzod Yusupov, and the bank itself appear as the affected party on the case. According to the statement filed by Vostochny Bank shareholder Sherzod Yusupov, the First Collection Bureau company controlled by Calvey owed about 2.5 billion rubles to Vostochny Bank. Calvey and the five arrested top managers decided to settle the debt on unfavorable conditions for the bank, investigators believe. Calvey does not admit his guilt and claims that the case against him was based on a corporate conflict with Sherzod Yusupov.
  • Kalashnikov shows self-destructible attack drone
    The Kalashnikov Concern has conducted successful trials of the new self-destructible unmanned aerial vehicle known for the Russian initials as CUB-BLA.  The model of the aerial drone was demonstrated at IDEX-2019 arms show in Abu Dhabi on February 17.The UAV, designed and manufactured by the Kalashnikov subsidiary Zala Aero, is actually an ammunition. The drone explodes when it reaches the target. The maximum flight speed of the drone is 130 kilometers per hour. Its flight lasts for 30 minutes and its payload may reach 3 kilos. "The drone can thus destroy a target on any type of terrain both at low and high altitudes. This is a an accurate and highly effective weapon, which is very hard to destroy with the use of conventional anti-aircraft systems. Some experts already doubt market prospects of the new kamikaze because it can hardly make competition to US and Israeli unmanned carriers of guided munitions.
  • UK wants Sergei Skripal dead
    Russia's Ministry for Foreign Affairs is seriously concerned about the state of health of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.The British side does not provide any information about Skripal's condition - Russian officials learn about his state of health only from news reports. "We have no information about the condition of either Sergey Skripal himself or his daughter Yulia. All our inquiries that we send to the British authorities remain unanswered," an employee of the Russian embassy in the UK said.According to 338 Telegram channel, the British authorities deceived Sergei and Yulia Skripal and can not free them now, because of the fear of their subsequent behaviour and public statements that they may make. As it was said in the channel, Yulia Skripal was given a petty post in British intelligence services for her agreement to take part in a campaign against Russia. However, the consequences of the incident significantly exceeded Yulia's expectations. British intelligence services can go to extreme measures to eliminate Sergei Skripal and his daughter to finally put an end to the case of their mysterious poisoning. It is worth mentioning that Sergei Skrypal's niece, Victoria Skripal, said that her uncle had already died. Also read: Sergei Skripal does not believe Russia poisoned him
  • What Prime Minister Theresa May needs to understand
    The British Prime Minister cuts a sociopathic figure, isolated, stubborn beyond belief, totally wrong and convinced that the world gravitates around her feet What is utterly incredible and unacceptable about Prime Minister Theresa May is that just a month before the fateful March 29th Brexit date, she still threatens a no-deal Brexit. Just thinking about it should be a pre-condition for the removal of this apparently unhinged, incompetent, crass and arrogant individual because a no-deal Brexit, everyone agrees, would be a total disaster for the economy and for the future of the country. Therefore how she can seriously postulate a no deal as a possibility underlines the fact that she is the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her profile is that of a Minister, not even a Secretary of State and certainly not a Prime Minister. She is, in fact, an over-promoted clerk allowing her husband to do his bidding through her office. The British people do not want Brexit
  • Trump Reportedly to Declare a National Emergency for Border Wall Funding
    Trump Reportedly to Declare a National Emergency for Border Wall Funding by Stephen Lendman The great US southern border crisis is a colossal hoax - a distraction from real issues, causing enormous harm to countless millions of people at home and abroad, notably endless wars on humanity and neoliberal harshness, their impact on ordinary people largely ignored by establishment media.
  • Nature Threatened by Insect Apocalypse
    Nature Threatened by Insect Apocalypse In the coming years or decades, life on earth in all forms could end from nuclear immolation or ecocide. In the coming years or decades, life on earth in all forms could end from nuclear immolation or ecocide.
  • Three types of weapons that were stolen from Russia
    The majority of experts in the field of armaments admit that made-in-Russia weapons can be referred to as best weapons in the world. To substantiate this point, suffice it to recall that many countries make their own ripoffs of world-famous Russian weapons.AK-47: A truly universal weaponWith many state-of-the-art technologies in the field of small arms шт their hands, the US Special Operations Command decided to launch the production of American assault rifle that would duplicate Russia's iconic AK-47.It is believed that the Americans intend to create a replica of the modified Kalashnikov machine gun and the heavy machine gun NSV Utes ("Cliff"). The Americans decided to take a purely American approach to the issue and announced a competition for a grant to launch the production of the new weapon. The winning company will need to take its own effort to obtain technical data for the new weapon. S-300 anti-aircraft missile systemIt is the United States that wants to have its own version of the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system. Not so long ago, a major conflict sparked over the transportation of S-300 systems to Syria following the incident with the shootdown of the Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft. Experts believe that the technological data, which the Americans intend to use for the production of their new anti-aircraft system are similar to Russia's S-300 Favorit. It may well be the fact that the data were stolen.T-62 tankIn pursuit of technical novelties in the defence industry, China stole the T-62 tank technology in 1969. During the conflict on the Ussuri River for the island of Damansky, the Chinese stole a new T-62.In the midst of hostilities, a group of T-62 tanks was supposed to roll on the ice of the river behind the island and attack the Chinese. However, as soon as the tanks traveled around the island, the Chinese attacked them. Three tanks managed to return, but the fourth one was damaged and left on the neutral side. The Chinese tugged the T-62 to their side of the river. Subsequently, they disassembled the tank to build their own replica for the Chinese army.
  • A Season for May-December Romance
    By Guy Somerset Among the very young and the very old (and generally the very bitter) is a common misperception of undesirability concerning romantic partners with an age disparity. Typically "May-December Romances" are characterized by a difference of at least eight years though sometimes a far more significant figure. Yet despite what some would initially dismiss as unlikely, a great many such pairings result in positive experiences for both parties.
  • Little boy who survived Magnitogorsk apartment building explosion recovers completely
    Ivan (Vanya) Fokin, a 12-month-old boy, who was rescued from under the rubble of the collapsed apartment building in the city of Magnitogorsk, Russia, was discharged from hospital in Moscow. The boy and his mother left the hospital on February 14. Chairman of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology, Leonid Roshal, ER and EMERCOM personnel congratulated the Fokins on the recovery of the little boy. "The whole country was helping Vanya all this time. It was massive teamwork - it was rescuers, doctors and many other people who made the boy's recovery possible. I'm happy to see him in his current healthy condition - one does not need anything else in life," Mr. Roshal said. The boy's father, Yevgeny Fokin, said that his family was returning to Magnitogorsk on February 15. Earlier it was reported that the family already has a new two-room apartment instead of the one that they lost as a result of the apartment building explosion. Doctors will be accompanying the boy during their flight from Moscow to Magnitogorsk. The Magnitogorsk Children's Hospital will draw up an individual rehabilitation plan for the child.The ten-storey apartment building collapsed in Magnitogorsk on December 31, 2018. Ivan Fokin was recovered from under the rubble in more than 30 hours after the tragedy. He was rushed to the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology in Moscow, where he spent the night in the intensive care unit.At the time of his evacuation to Moscow, the child was diagnosed with a closed head injury, internal injuries, bone fractures, frostbite and general hypothermia.Pyotr Gritsenko, an EMERCOM representative, told reporters that the boy was pressed against the mattress of his crib and covered with a blanket. His head was safely clamped between parts of a wooden closet, and the position of the baby's body was good enough to let the child stay alive for long. The baby spent as many as 35 hours under the rubble, the official said.
  • The Great GOP Tax Cut Heist a Year Later
    The Great GOP Tax Cut Heist a Year Later The Trump promoted GOP scam was all about benefitting corporate interests and high-net-worth households. by Stephen Lendman
  • New 'bill from hell' against Russia to bring hell to USA
    The Kremlin believes that new possible sanctions against Russia may lead to disastrous consequences, as Washington's actions will come contrary to the generally accepted rules of international trade. According to Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov, "one always needs to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst at the same time. "As for the sentiments both in the US Congress and in the Senate, one does not have to hope for the disease of Russophobia to fade away," he said. On February 13, 2019, a group of Russophobic US senators submitted a bill that provides for additional sanctions against Russia for the alleged Russian interference in the work of democratic institutions abroad. The bill includes sanctions against Russian banks that support Russia's attempts to undermine democratic institutions in other countries, sanctions against investments in Russian liquefied natural gas projects outside Russia, sanctions against politicians, oligarchs and members of their families who contribute to illegal or corrupt acts in the interests of Vladimir Putin, as well as sanctions against the Russian government debt and the cyber sector. Also read:
  • Poland happy to buy US MLRS HIMARS systems that reach Russia
    Poland has signed an agreement with the United States on the acquisition of US multiple launch rocket systems HIMARS. The system is capable of striking targets at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, which means that its missiles can reach the territory of Russia.The agreement was signed with the participation of President of Poland Andrzej Duda and American Vice-President Michael Pence on the territory of the First Transport Aviation Base in Warsaw.Poland hopes that the acquisition of the American systems will help Poland strengthen the combat potential of the Polish army, as well as NATO's eastern flank.Poland will thus buy 20 launchers and ammo worth US $414 million. The shipments will be conducted before 2023. The agreement was signed within the framework of the Polish national artillery development program "Homar", the cost of which is evaluated at 2.7 billion US dollars.HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers. The rocket launcher is mounted on a light armoured truck and can carry six MLRS missiles or one tactical ballistic missile. The system is made by Lockheed Martin. The US Army used MLRS HIMARS systems in Afghanistan and Iraq. Also read: Poland to start WWIII against Russia. Funny and scary at the same time
  • US wants Russia to return Crimea, forget Donbass
    On February 13, US Deputy Representative to the UN, Jonathan Cohen, stated that Russia should return the Crimea and the Donbass region to Ukraine so that the United States could lift anti-Russian sanctions. Speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council, Cohen stressed that the United States does not accept the annexation of the Crimea. He added that the United States will never support the Russian Federation in this matter. The diplomat also said that the Minsk agreements were concluded 4 years ago, but there has been no progress reached regarding the crisis in Ukraine. Cohen called on Russia to fulfill its part of the Minsk arrangements without criticising the Ukrainian authorities for their inaction on the matter. At the end of his speech, Jonathan Cohen said that the Russian military were still present in the east of Ukraine. Also read: If USA wants Crimea returned to Ukraine, Russia wants Alaska back
  • The Immigration Flip-Flop Heard Round The World
    By Guy Somerset During his oft-delayed State of the Union address last week President Trump had a stark redirection on a key policy proposal which has gone almost entirely unremarked upon - he fell in love with migrants. Not just any migrants, mind you, but Legal Migrants. 
  • In Focus: International Day of Women and Girls in Science
    In Focus: International Day of Women and Girls in Science   On 11 February, the United Nations, partners worldwide, women and girls marked the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Why does it matter?   Recent studies suggest that 65 per cent of children entering primary school today will have jobs that do not yet exist. While more girls are attending school than before, girls are significantly under-represented in STEM subjects in many settings and they appear to lose interest in STEM subjects as they reach adolescence. Debunking the myths that girls do not like the sciences and other and gender stereotypes, along with investment in teacher trainings, gender-responsive technology and innovation can reverse these trends. With Sustainable Development Goal 9, part of the Global Goals that world leaders agreed to in 2015 with a deadline of 2030, countries around the world have pledged to “build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. Yet, a look at where funding is allocated a different picture. At present, only 1.7 per cent of the global GDP is dedicated for research and experimental development  As the fourth industrial revolution starts, women still have less than two-third of the economic opportunity that men have. The jobs of the future will be driven by technology and innovation, and if the gender divide in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is not bridged soon, the overall gender gap is likely to widen.  Less than 30 per cent of researchers worldwide are women. With too few women in decision making roles and higher-paying STEM jobs, the gender gap in STEM has deep implications for the future of global economy. For instance, women stand to gain only one new STEM job for every 20 lost, in stark contrast to men, who gain one new STEM job for every four lost. Improved recruitment, retention and promotion policies, as well as continuous learning and up-skilling for women can go a long way towards closing this gap.  On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, lets change this narrative. Join us in celebrating women and girls who are leading innovation and call for actions to remove all barriers that hold them back. Photo: UN Women/Pham Quoc Hung
  • Lavrov Slams US Interventionism in Venezuela
    Lavrov Slams US Interventionism in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov slammed what he called the US attempt to disguise its interventionist, aggressive aims for regime change in Venezuela behind a Security Council draft resolution Moscow rejects.
  • A Marketer's Guide to Spending Habits of Millennials in Eastern Europe
    A Marketer's Guide to Spending Habits of Millennials in Eastern Europe    The spending habits of millennials in the Western world are well-documented and understood by marketers;the same cannot be said of Eastern Europe.
  • How Rustem Magdeev helped Emil Gaynulin withdraw Gazprom money abroad
    How many other secrets does the story of the Graff Diamonds jewellery store hold - the store, which Rustem Magdeev and Emil Gaynulin opened in Cyprus? Editors obtained in their disposal documents that may indicate that a major contractors of Gazprom and Transneft used this company to withdraw billions of rubles from Russia. It is about time law enforcement agencies should look for this money in accounts in foreign banks. "Our Version" has written a lot about infamous entrepreneur Rustem Magdeev. The businessman, who was dubbed as the "money-bag" of the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, became the hero of several international scandals. One of them is connected with an unfavorable business story that Magdeev created together with well-known British jewellery house Graff Diamonds. The documents that our editors found in their disposal made us take a fresh look at another participant of this story - Emil Gaynulin, a former partner of Magdeev's in the Cyprus-based company Equix Group Ltd. It goes about a letter written on behalf of a person known as "Mr Emil Gaynulin" to managers of Swiss bank Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild. There is also the balance sheet of the company Podvodtruboprovodstroy for 2012-2015.
  • Russian expert chuckles at Sweden's Saab Gripen E vs. Sukhoi fighters
    Commander of Swedish Air Force,  Mats Helgesson, said that the fourth-generation Swedish multi-role fighter Saab Gripen E can easily defeat the Russian Sukhoi fighter jets in aerial combat.According to Halgesson, the Swedish Saab Gripen E was created precisely to destroy Russian fighters by Sukhoi Design Bureau. Sweden has a "black belt" in the field, the official proudly stated. The fourth-generation multi-role fighter jet Saab Gripen E does not have either low visibility or long range qualities on the list of its performance characteristics. Yet, the Swedish fighter jet is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems.Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine, believes, however, that the statement from the commander of the Swedish air force may indicate the official's inferiority complex. The Saab Gripen E will not be able to make any competition to Sukhoi fighter jets, because the Swedish aircraft belongs to the class of light fighters, which means that it is incapable of carrying a large amount of weapons on board. In addition, one needs to take into consideration other factors, such as, for example, pilot training.
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