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  • Turks And Kurds: One Of A Kind
    The Ottoman Sultan is up to his old tricks again. You know his routine, a smile to your face followed by a knife in your back, a business deal with a handshake for "partnership" while sabotaging the new partner's work, or better yet, buying military weapons from a trusting "ally" and then turning those same weapons against them.
  • : John Kiriakou
    In the following talking to Pravda Report, former CIA agent John Kiriakou depicts the events, especially the meeting and the allegedly Russian espionage on US campaign heralded by US media without any evidence, never proved, on the contrary: all evidences have pointed out to an "inside job."
  • A with kids: Live normal life, respect other people, admire Tchaikovsky
    President Vladimir Putin conducted a Q&A conference with children at Sirius educational centre, which he established in Sochi in 2015. More than 900 schoolchildren from 66 regions of Russia took part in the conversation with the president under the title "A non-childish talk with Vladimir Putin."
  • Conspirologists find prophecy about Putin in the Bible
    Conspirologists published a formidable warning labelling Russia as the most dangerous nuclear superpower in the modern world. It stands the reason Russia should be mentioned in Biblical prophecies. Knowing the ancient biblical name of Russia, prophecies about the nation can be found in the Old and in the New Testaments
  • US giants stand against new sanctions against Russia
    Visa, Boeing, Ford and other US-based giants stand against the introduction of further sanctions against Russia, CNN reported with reference to a source in US Congress. The Kremlin stated that Washington's aspirations to introduce more anti-Russian restrictions may lead to another wave of the war of sanctions
  • Cows to save mankind from HIV
    The immune system of cows produce antibodies that can neutralise96% varieties of the human immunodeficiency virus. This gives scientists a hope to create the vaccine against this virus. The immunodeficiency virus penetrates into human cells with the help of several proteins on the surface of its shell
  • CIA Director Michael Pompeo sees the hand of the Kremlin even in his toilet
    The sitting White House administration pursues a tougher policy towards Russia than the previous administration of Barack Obama, CIA Director Michael Pompeo said
  • North Korean economy grows by leaps and bounds
    In 2016, North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK) showed the fastest growth of its economy in the past 17 years
  • Russia signs defence contracts with China and Vietnam
    Russian defence export giant Rosoboronexport signed a contract with China about the shipment of four more Mi-171E helicopters
  • Reagan and Gorbachev vs. Stalin and Roosevelt
    Donald Trump's failure to fulfil his pre-election promises to improve relations with Russia reflects Moscow's "humiliation and weakness." Yet, Trump did not give that promise to Moscow - he gave that promise to American voters. Therefore, it is American voters who seem to be unable to force their leader to keep his word
  • Hollywood tries to get rid of Putin in Russia-related releases
    Hollywood producers have removed the image of Russian President Putin from motion pictures "Kursk" and "Red Sparrow."
  • Putin wins in Syria: Trump ends CIA program to support Syrian opposition
    US President Donald Trump decided to close CIA's program supporting "moderate Syrian opposition" that struggles against government troops
  • USA works on anti-Russian tsunami
    Official spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said that FBI agents come to her friends in the USA "to talk about Russia."
  • Iraq buys large batch of T-90 tanks from Russia worth $1 billion
    Iraq bought more than 70 T-90 tanks from Russia worth more than one billion dollars. Kuwait is also interested in Russian military hardware
  • S-500 air defence system to be delivered in 2020
    The Russian army will receive S-500 surface-to-air missile system in 2020. The Russian army will thus receive a universal long-range and high-altitude interception system with an enhanced missile defence capability
  • The economic system swallowed the ecological system
    It was from the exponential growth of the global economy, notably after World War II, substantially altering the existing relationships between economic production and the resources of the environment, which established the inescapable need to reconcile the economic mode with the ecological world.
  • History of carbonated water in Russia: National drink and geopolitical weapon
    Bottles of Soviet lemonades were on the tables of the participants of the Yalta conference. Franklin Roosevelt took several thousand bottles of "Cream Soda" with him to the US, whereas Churchill mentioned Yalta lemonades in his memoirs. Those who "come from the USSR" also remember that every Soviet family had a siphon
  • Vertical takeoff aircraft: Time to let go or revisit?
    In the Soviet Union, it was the Yakovlev Design Bureau that was developing vertical take-off and landing aircraft. TheYak-36 was the first such aircraft (tested in 1996). Afterwards, the Yak-141 followed, although the new aircraft was being developed at the time of the collapse of the USSR. The project was shelved
  • Russia to take mirror measures if USA ships lethal weapons to Ukraine
    Will arms shipments from the USA to Ukraine complicate the already strained relations between Kiev and Moscow? Potential supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine remain exclusively in the interests of the United States from the point of view of economic benefits and increasing pressure on Kiev
  • Kremlin withholds comments about Malorossiya
    The Russian administration needs to deeply analyze the statement first, Peskov said, adding that the Kremlin gives first priority to the observation of the Minks Accords
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