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  • Richard Black speaks about Syria (and not only)
    Syria is still torn by the conflict that has endangered its very existence since the distant 2011. It is a war that has never been simply internal to the Syrian society but that has involved, on the contrary, numerous players each moved by own interests and own purposes. The official West has always stood firm against the legitimate government of Damascus, endorsing every possible lie against it. But some voices of dissent have also been heard: Richard Black of the Virginia State senate is the only Western politician to have spoken openly in defense of Syria and its people, immediately highlighting the Western absurdity of trusting that international holding of terror headed by Al-Qaeda. For some months now, international diplomacies have been in flux over the possibility of an open war between United States and Iran. It would be a war that would drag the entire Middle East and the Western hemisphere into a conflict with devastating and unpredictable results. There is something tremendously irreconcilable between Washington and Tehran, an antagonism that also sees Israel as co-protagonist: the Jewish State in fact lives the Iranian presence in Syria and Iraq as a clear existential danger and craves to eliminate that danger once and for all. I asked Senator Black to express once again an opinion on the current Middle Eastern situation, which develops its tragedy having as a background, also and unfortunately above all, the moral decadence of the West. There is indeed a subtle and hidden thread who connect Jeffrey Epstein's perverse behavior with the stolen children scandal of Bibbiano, Italy, to which I have dedicated a previous column [1].
  • Russian ice hockey player Kuznetsov suspended for 4 years for cocaine
    Evgeny Kuznetsov, a player of the Russian national ice hockey team and the National Hockey League (NHL, Washington Capitals) was suspended for four years for violating anti-doping rules. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), cocaine was found in Kuznetsov's  sample that was taken during the IIHF World Championship in Slovakia in May of 2019. Kuznetsov refused to open doping test "B". His disqualification starts on June 13, 2019 and applies to matches sponsored by IIHF and the Continental Hockey League.In May, a video was published showing Kuznetsov sitting at a table, on which one can clearly see lines of white powder. Allegedly, the video was made during the IIHF World Championship. Evgeny Kuznetsov acknowledged the authenticity of the video, but said that it was made a year ago after Washington Capitals victory in the Stanley Cup final. Kuznetsov said, however, that he had nothing to do with the video. "I dropped by to say hello to my pals in another hotel room. When I saw what was happening there - women, some substance on the table - I called a friend of mine and left," he said. The hockey player also assured that he had never taken drugs. He also expressed his readiness to undergo a medical examination.Kuznetsov was part of the Russian national ice hockey team during the tournament, at which Russia came third.
  • Putin's statement about USA's recent missile tests - Full transcript
    Russian President Vladimir Putin made an important statement after the meeting with members of Russia's Security Council. The meeting was dedicated to USA's recent missile tests. Full transcript of Putin's statement below:"On August 18, the United States conducted the test launch of a ground-based cruise missile, which, according to the US Defense Department, struck a target at a distance of over 500 kilometers."Such weapons are classified as prohibited under the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles from 1987. In addition, the use of the MK-41 universal launcher during the test fully confirms the validity of the claims that the Russian side had expressed to the United States during the period when the treaty was valid. "We have repeatedly pointed out that the deployment of such launchers on land by the Americans, on the air defense base in Romania, and their imminent deployment in Poland comes as a direct and substantial, flagrant violation of the INF Treaty."The Americans have stubbornly rejected this, claiming that ground-based MK-41 launchers were allegedly unable to launch Tomahawk sea-based cruise missiles. Now the fact of their violation is evident, it is impossible to dispute it - they spoke about it themselves."And of course, a question arises: how do we now understand what is going to be deployed in Romania and in Poland? Is it going to be missile defense systems or missile attack systems of sufficiently long range?"It is noteworthy that the tests of the missile with characteristics prohibited under the Treaty took place only 16 days after Washington completed the denunciation of the said Treaty. It is obvious that it was not improvisation - it became another link in a chain of events that had been planned and long time in advance. "This can only confirm the validity of our concerns that we have previously expressed. We had the information that the United States had long been engaged in the creation of weapons prohibited by the INF Treaty, and we had repeatedly pointed this out to our partners."But in order to rectify this unacceptable situation and return to the observation of the Treaty, the Americans orchestrated a propaganda campaign about Russia's alleged non-compliance with the provisions of the said Treaty. As it is now obvious to everyone, its only purpose was to cover up both the work that Washington was carrying out in violation of the Treaty and the initial intention to pull out from it."All this leaves no doubt about the true plans of the United States. Having disposed of the established restrictions, they wanted to have a free hand to deploy previously prohibited missiles in various regions of the world. American politicians of a very high rank say that the deployment of new systems can be started from the Asia-Pacific region, but this also affects our fundamental interests, because all this is close to Russian borders."As you know, we never wanted, do not want and will not get involved in the costly arms race that will be destructive for our economy. Let me remind you that Russia takes a rather modest, seventh place in the world in terms of defense spending after the United States of America, the People's Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France and Japan."Our development of state-of-the-art and second-to-none arms systems was caused and, one may say,  provoked by USA's unilateral withdrawal from the Treaty on the Limitation of Missile Defense Systems in 2003. We were simply forced and were obliged, of course, to ensure the security of our people and our country. We do it now and will certainly do it in the future."At the same time, bearing in mind the newly emerging circumstances, I instruct the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and other relevant departments to analyze the level of threat posed by the aforementioned actions of the United States to our country and take comprehensive measures to prepare a symmetrical response."Russia will remain open to an equal and constructive dialogue with the United States of America to restore confidence and strengthen international security."
  • USA's only goal was to cast INF Treaty aside - Putin
    Russian President Vladimir Putin made an important statement after the meeting with members of Russia's Security Council. The meeting was dedicated to USA's recent missile tests. According to Putin, having exited the INF Treaty, the United States "has gotten a free hand to deploy prohibited missiles in various regions of the world.""The only goal of the USA was to cover up the works that were conducted in violation of the INF Treaty and their initial intention was to pull out from it," Putin said.According to the president, the United States launched a propaganda campaign about Russia's alleged non-compliance with the treaty, but Moscow was aware of America's works to develop the weapons that were prohibited by the INF Treaty (Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles). READ FULL TRANSCRIPT OF PUTIN'S STATEMENT
  • The Amazon in its death throes
    The Amazon in its death throes The Amazon is in its death throes and where is the mainstream media? A succession of forest and reserve fires across the state of Rondônia has caused deaths, losses and changes in the population's routine. With burns extending over several days, smoke plunged the capital, Porto Velho, in an endless cloud, while a trail of ashes and dead animals is left by the continuing spreading fire and state management remains inert. At no point does this article want to find this entity guilty, but draw attention to an important debate: which Brazil do we want for the current and future generation? Can the greed of some who want to profit at any cost by clearing and burning to expand their areas for agribusiness, be greater than the need to breathe, have good water to drink, and consume healthy foods?
  • Americans have racism under their skin
    Why do so many people in Latin America dream of migrating to the United States and settling there at least on an illegal basis? How do they start their new life in the USA? What makes them different from African Americans and white Americans? Pravda.Ru asked these and other questions to Rustem Safronov, an international journalist and correspondent for Sputnik news agency in Washington."How can migrants change their lives in the USA?""In the USA, they can solve many problems that they cannot solve in their home countries. In El Salvador, for example, 14 families control the entire economy of the country. There is oligarchic capitalism there, and most people are very poor. Even if everyone serves a small group of the rich, their money will not be enough for everyone."The United States is a large country, a much richer one, and the percentage of wealth that can be redistributed is much higher there. As one man said, this is a highland with many hills. Of course, illegal migrants will be paid less, but they will be happy to have that money anyway.""Can they still make a lot more than they could at home?""They can. Migrants can find new homes for themselves somewhere in remote places, where native people will not live. Migrants do not expect much from their new life in the States. A migrant can buy an old car, rent a house for a whole large family and be happy about it. A white Anglo-Saxon will not live in such conditions. "They have a different approach to values, and this creates great segregation. Those people rarely cross paths with native residents, although interethnic marriage may occur, of course. However, the cultural level, the civilization level of newly arrived migrants, especially from third world countries, is very low. Economic migrants from El Salvador escaped from the civil war in the 1980s. Most of them were ordinary people, and their educational and social level was very low. They work at simple jobs as porters, cleaners, handymen, etc.""Are they law-abiding citizens? How do the Americans make them abide by new laws?""This topic is politically incorrect, but, of course, the behavior of people from various walks of life is very different. It's not only about social behavior in relation to law. Latinos, African Americans and Anglo-Saxons are very different from the point of view of their sexual behaviour as well. The same applies to many other areas. "If you talk to a white, educated American, you are not supposed to engage in politically incorrect conversations with him or her. You can not ask something point blank, something about religion, say something critical about races or sexual minorities. This will immediately provoke an utterly negative reaction. You are not supposed to flirt with a white woman. You are not supposed to look at her with great interest either. "However, if you talk to an African American, then the picture is completely different. I would say that it is much easier for a Russian person to find a common language with an African American, rather than with a white American. White Americans think of themselves as the Romans, who stand above the whole world. Yet, they are well-mannered people, so they will not discuss that.""Are you saying that they have racism under their skin?""They have this idea of being a shining city on a hill, while everyone else is somewhere below them. They think that life is almost the same everywhere else, but it is much better in America. They apply these criteria to the rest of the world: they are always better than everyone else. "African Americans proceed from something completely different. They live in the country, where their ancestors used to be exploited like animals. Therefore, many African Americans have this congenital hostility to the USA in them. I have to say that they are very friendly to Russians. They are happy to meet a Russian, to shake hands with a Russian, to talk about Putin teaching everyone what's what - the attitude is totally different at this point. "Interestingly, African Americans very often give either Arab or Russian names to their children. For example, there are many Natashas among African American women. This is a manifestation of protest too. They want to show that they are different, and they are proud of that. "New migrants, of course, have a language problem. The lion's share of the black population in the United States does not have a problem with English.""They speak ebonics, African American English, and this is also part of their protest.""Is it hard to understand them?""It is a lot more different to understand what they say, it takes time. When you live next to them, when you interact with them, you learn quickly. Still, their language differs a lot from what you can hear on TV." Interview conducted by Lyuba Lulko (Stepushova)
  • Kremlin will not meddle in USA's Greenland affair
    Dmitry Peskov, an official spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that the intention of the US administration to purchase Denmark's Greenland was an episode of "international shopping."According to Peskov, Russia will not intervene in the matter.On August 21, The Washington Post reported that the US was discussing an opportunity to make annual payments to Denmark as part of the deal to purchase Greenland for $600 million. In addition, the USA would be ready to make a lump sum payment to Denmark as an incentive to hand over the island to the USA. On August 16, it became known that US President Donald Trump was considering a possibility to buy Greenland. He discussed the question with his advisers, who found the plan economically feasible. Later, Donald Trump confirmed his interest in acquiring the island and compared the  possible purchase of Greenland to a major real estate deal. Danish Prime Minister refused to discuss the purchase. Trump later canceled his visit to Copenhagen that he had scheduled for early September.
  • Antidepressants make Americans happiest people in the world
    By Dr. Sawraj Singh Not that long ago, we were invited to a party in Delhi. A lady had just come back from her first time visit to America. She said that Americans are the happiest people. She saw everybody smiling and never saw anybody sad or depressed. Just before coming to India during that visit we happened to see a slide presentation by a girl who had been to Mexico and she was sharing her experiences there. She said that the thing that struck her most was that in spite of the people being so poor compared to us (Americans) they looked much happier than us. I told this Delhi woman who felt that she belonged to the elite and therefore, understands everything, that some time appearances can be deceptive. I asked her if the Americans are the happiest people in the world then why they consumed more antidepressants and tranquilizers than anywhere else in the world. I advised her to just look at how many millions of prescriptions for these drugs are written each year in America.                                                         However, this wrong perception about America and the west is not just limited to the Delhi elite this misconception is now shared by people of all walks in Punjab. This unreal and wrong perception about the west is also actively promoted by the travel agents, more than12000 IELTS coaching centers and all other vested interests those are making money of the tragedy of migration. I call it a tragedy because this exodus of Punjabis is destroying Punjab, ruining the careers of many brilliant students who will have to settle for the jobs much lower than their potential and for many young people from good families being forced to live the life as criminals. 
  • Creating Peace in Kashmir
    By Imran Malik The emergency session held by the UNSC on 16 August 2019 on the Kashmir issue(s) between India and Pakistan and India and China (Ladakh) was significant for many reasons, most importantly because it involved three of the world's nine known nuclear powers! Two, it resurrected the Kashmir issue at the world's most premium forum, the UNSC. Three, it internationalized the Kashmir issue highlighting the vicious and ruthless violations of Human Rights and all types of personal freedoms by the 900,000 strong Indian Occupation Forces there. Four, it reiterated Kashmir's position as the unfinished agenda of the subcontinent's partition as well as the UNSC's Resolutions on it. Five, it warned the world of the possible nuclear Armageddon and the subsequent nuclear winter to follow were the Kashmir issue to linger on unattended, unresolved. Six, Ladakh's annexation by India has clearly attracted Chinese opprobrium and inevitably drawn them into to the conundrum as well. However, the grave challenge posed by PM Modi's strategic faux pas in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) needs to be turned into a real opportunity by the UN/UNSC/P5 to pre-empt a potential (nuclear) war and create peace in the region by resolving the Kashmir imbroglio expeditiously.
  • Flight MH17 disaster no secret anymore
    Malaysia wants the world to stop bringing unfounded accusations against Russia about the crash of Flight MH17 passenger aircraft over the Donbass. Will we ever know the truth about the investigation? Is the West going to reveal objective data about the tragedy?Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova asked these and other questions to Russian political scientist, teacher, expert of the Higher School of Economics Andrei Suzdaltsev."It appears that the West is not going to give up on the topic of prompt nuclear stroke. Do you think that they still want to destroy Russia?""They cherishing this dream in the West since the times of the USSR. Now they suffer from another exacerbation of this disease. There are many of those in the world who dream of possessing nuclear arms. This is a big dream for President of Belaurs Alexander Lukashenko, let alone Ukraine. Yet, they can only dream about it. Even if they can technically build nuclear arms, they will not be allowed to. The crisis between Russia and Ukraine would thus be even more horrifying than the crisis between Pakistan and India.""They haven't been bringing the topic of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing much lately. The Joint Investigation Team is not investigating anything - they try to fabricate facts by choosing the ones that they need. The work of the JIT is purely political. However, we can see Malaysia acting more decisive now. The Malaysian administration has repeatedly expressed its protests about the work of the JIT. Malaysia demands the West should stop presenting evidence-free accusations against Russia. Do you think they are ever going to find and announce the real perpetrators?""This is out of the question. They will never admit.""Never? Not even in 50 years?""They will never announce. Russia has made many mistakes here too. We were  looking guilty, we started looking for excuses.""No, we held the press conference and provided objective data.""We've had a few versions too. Russia should have conducted its own detailed investigation to dot all i's clearly. There was a military aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force there. Most likely, the missile was launched from the Buk missile system.  There are two things that confuse me about this case. First off, the West promised us to conduct a full and open investigation into the tragedy. The Americans promised to show images made by the satellite that was flying above the area where the tragedy took place. Yet, the investigation is still secret, and the Americans have never shown anything either. "Secondly, I do not understand why there was no fly zone established over the Donbass. There were hostilities there, planes had been shot down there too. One may accept the fact that the plane was flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Missiles do not reach such altitudes, especially the missiles that could be found in the conflict zone. However, shortly before the tragedy, flight control officers ordered the Malaysian aircraft to descend?! What was that? The Buk missile system can operate within the range of 60 kilometres around and at an altitude of up to six kilometers. The control room is located in Dnepropetrovsk."So they had to take the airliner down to 6,000 meters to make it fly right above the little circle of 60 kilometers. This is what the passenger aircraft did as pilots were following instructions from Ukrainian flight control officers.""A flight controller ordered the plane to drift off the course. This officer then went on vacation and vanished.""They wanted the airplane to be in the line of the Buk missile. The officer was indeed gone, there is no information about him, but the Dutch do not say a word about it. Even if there was a Buk system in the area, they were supposed to make the passenger aircraft approach the destructive zone. It was Ukrainian flight control officers, who did that, but there is no information about it. Malaysian experts confirmed that the recordings of the dialogues of insurgents were fake. They forgot about another version that was voiced in 2014. The version is about Putin's aircraft that was flying to Moscow above Europe. They were looking for Putin's plane, but they did not know exactly where its route was. If they had found it, they would have shot the plane down."
  • Russia's Burevestnik nuclear rocket to be part of 'Dead Hand' system
    Military expert Dmitry Konev believes that the Burevestnik nuclear missile will become an ideal weapon of retaliation if it joins the Perimeter complex.Konev refers to the fact that the Burevestnik can cause serious damage to the enemy, even if it is shot down by enemy missile defenses. The power units of the missile can contaminate enemy's territory with radioactive isotopes. Moreover, the missile boasts of an unlimited range and a long standby time.The military expert suggests that Burevestnik is outfitted with solid propellant rocket engines. The basic propulsion unit is replaced with an air-jet engine combined with a nuclear reactor.It is worthy of note that several US military experts publicly expressed an opinion about the need for the United States to build a system similar to Russia's Perimeter complex. The Perimeter system, known as the "Dead Hand" was put in operation in the USSR in 1985. In a nutshell, the system ensures the automatic launch of nuclear missiles in case of a nuclear attack against the country, even if there is no one left to be able to give such an order.
  • Why Russia hides the truth about 'radioactive cloud'
    The story about the nuclear accident at the secret military facility near Severodvinsk, when five  people were killed on August 8, continues gathering rumours. Initially, it was reported that the explosion in northern Russia was another "Chernobyl." The shortage of official information on the subject made many people, especially those residing in the region, where the accident took place, snatch up all iodine at local drug stores. On August 10, two Russian stations of the international nuclear test monitoring system, located in Dubna and Kirov, stopped transmitting data about the radiation background in the air. Two other radiation monitoring stations stopped transmitting data on August 11. The Russian Ministry of Defence, which supervises the stations, has not released any comments on the matter. The ministry limited itself to meaningless statements about communication problems. The silence from the authorities generates panic among the population. Many started blogging about the Russian "Fallout", especially against the background of reports about a spike in radiation levels after the explosion. In fact, the puzzle becomes a picture if one assumes that the explosion occurred during the test of a new Russian weapon. It may go about the test of the new Burevestnik missile with isotopic sources of power. Unfortunately, unsuccessful and even tragic tests of new equipment, especially military equipment, are part of the sad reality of any country that tries to enhance national security with the help of new technological achievements.There was an accident, but radioactive consequences of it were not serious. According to nuclear energy specialist Alexander Uvarov, "if the authorities wanted to hide a serious accident from the public, they would not talk about the spike in radiation in Severodvinsk. "It was very small - 1.78 microsievert. This is comparable to some beaches in Brazil. The released isotopes are then disseminated in the air and stop affecting the background at all. There is no radiation hazard to the population. This incident is no different from an attempt to melt cobalt in an oven," the scientist said. However, why did they stop transmitting the date from radiation monitoring stations, given the fact that the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation strongly insists on the opposite? It is worth noting here that the CTBTO added more fuel to the fire by publishing a gif image of the potential distribution of the radioactive cloud above the territory of the Russian Federation and the whole world. The organisation did not give any details either about the type of radiation or the level of hazard. The CTBTO's move thus gave rise to most alarming rumours.One should also pay attention to the fact that both the participation in the work of the CTBTO and the transfer of data to the organisation is carried out exclusively at the discretion of the parties to the treaty. At the same time, this does not remove people's interest in the disconnection of radiation monitoring stations. One shall assume that Russia does not want other countries to have the data about the composition of the radioactive emission. The isotopic power source is a new and unique development in the field of strategic defense of the country. In other words, this is a matter of  military and state secrecy.In general, the authorities are definitely hiding something. Yet, they are hiding the information about the composition of the explosive substance. This seems relevant in light of the latest moves of Russia's "Western partners" in relation to the INF, START and other international agreements about the non-proliferation and reduction of strategic offensive arms. It does not seem strange in the context of the new strategic nuclear doctrine of the United States, which clearly states that the USA can resort to the use of nuclear weapons in any military conflict to fundamentally break the course of the conflict in favour of the United States.Of course, Western officials, mass media and experts will accuse Russia of avoiding compliance with international treaties on nuclear weapons. However, Russia was not the first one to start. Secondly, there is no violation in disconnecting monitoring stations. Russia simply needs to protect her military and state secrets.
  • Trump Regime's Hardball with China a Losing Strategy
    Trump Regime's Hardball with China a Losing Strategy China is a major player on the world stage, geopolitical know-nothing Trump outclassed, outshined, and outwitted by its ruling authorities. He's an embarrassment compared to other major world leaders, a laughing stock geopolitical wrecking ball.
  • Russian Su-35 fighters force Turkey's F-16 out of Syrian airspace
    Russian Su-35S fighters allegedly intercepted F-16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force and forced them to leave Syrian airspace, Al-Masdar News reports.It was said that Turkish fighters were forced to leave the sky above Idlib after they covered a distance of 30-40 kilometers. This indicates that Turkish pilots either received a warning from Russia or saw Russian combat aircraft on radar screens.After the incident, Russian Su-35 fighters were seen in the vicinity of the city of Khan Shaykhun. It was said that the Russian military aircraft took off from Hmeymim airbase to deter Turkish planes from adventurous actions. No other details have been reported. On August 19, the Syrian Air Force struck a column of Turkish military vehicles that invaded the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. Nothing was reported about any losses. Armoured personnel carriers of the Turkish Army crossed the Syrian border and entered the city of Sarakib on August 19. The military vehicles were traveling towards Khan Shaykhun.The de-escalation zone in Idlib is one of the four de-escalation zone in Syria, which was created by Russia and Turkey in 2017. Most of its territory is still not demilitarized and remains under the control of the Hayat Tahrir al-sham* group (HTS, created on the basis of Jabhat al-Nusra* - terrorist organizations, banned in Russia) and the armed Syrian opposition.
  • Russian track-and-field athlete dies at 25
    Russian track-and-field athlete Margarita Plavunova died at the age of 25, the Federation of Track and Field Athletics in the Tambov region said. The organization expressed condolences to Margarita's relatives and friends. Details of her death have not been disclosed. Reportedly, the woman died of cardiac arrest.Margarita Plavunova had repeatedly won championships of the Tambov region. She had also participated in indoor track-and-field championship of Russia, where she performed in 60-meter hurdles. Plavunova was a candidate for master of sports.On August 5, 21-year-old former soccer player Anastasia Berezina died as a result of cardiac arrest. Berezina finished her career in sport in 2017.
  • Putin speaks about mysterious nuclear explosion in Russia
    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there was no threat whatsoever in connection with the incident at a military training ground near the city of Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia."If you mean the incident in Severodvinsk, then there is no threat there. There's no spike in radiation levels there either. Experts, including independent ones who monitor the situation, were sent there. I receive reports from our experts, both military and civil ones. We don't see any serious changes there, but preventive measures are being taken so that there are no surprises," Putin said answering a question from a French journalist prior to his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. "The people who, unfortunately, were affected and died, were certainly executing a state function of paramount importance. All of them will be recommended for state decorations of the Russian Federation," he added. During the farewell ceremony for the killed, which was held on August 12, first deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko read out Putin's decree on awarding eight employees of the Sarov Nuclear Center with the Order of Courage. Five employees will be decorated posthumously, the administration of Sarov said. In the meantime, it became known that two radiation monitoring stations stopped transmitting data on August 13. It goes about the stations in the town of Bilibino in Chukotka and in the Altai village of Zalesovo.Earlier, Lassina Zerbo, the Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBT), said that radiation monitoring stations in Dubna and Kirov stopped transmitting data two days after the explosion near Severodvinsk.The above-mentioned stations monitor the amount of radioactive particles in the air. Another such station is located in Ussuriysk. It operates without interruptions. It still remains unknown when the stations resume their work. Representatives of the Russian Embassy in Washington redirect questions about the radiation monitoring stations to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov said that the data from radiation monitoring stations is transmitted on a voluntary basis. "The accident in the Arkhangelsk region does not pose any risks either to the environment or the population," the diplomat said on August 20.It was reported that the personnel of the Arkhangelsk regional hospital, where three people were hospitalised as a result of the explosion, had not been warned about the radioactive pollution. It was also said that radioactive cesium-137 was found in the body of one of the doctors. Yet, officials with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation assure that excessive levels of tolerant radioactivity have not been found with any of the doctors. According to unconfirmed reports, local residents are not recommended to approach the coast of the White Sea. Five Rosatom employees (Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency) were killed as a result of the explosion on the sea platform in the area of the village of Nenoksa, some 40 km from Severodvinsk. There is little information about the accident. It was said that the explosion occurred during a test of a liquid-fuel propellant rocket system with an isotopic power source. Supposedly, it could be the Burevestnik cruise missile, the Poseidon underwater drone, the Zircon hypersonic anti-ship missile, or the Skif bottom-based missile.Officials with the administration of Severodvinsk said that the radiation background was three times higher than the permissible norm for about 30 minutes after the explosion. The Russian Meteorological Service (Roshydromet) later reported that the radiation level exceeded the norm 4-16 times presumably due to the "passage of a cloud of radioactive inert gases." All this suggests that the authorities distribute incomplete information about the radioactive contamination.
  • For sale, one soul: ask for JAY-Z
    For sale, one soul:  ask for JAY-Z    I'm sure that everyone, at some point in his/her life, has encountered an individual who boasted, "I'd never do such and such, because it would violate what I believe in."
  • Two minutes of hatred
    George Orwell wrote 1984 thinking of it as a book of denunciation against a dystopic and horrible future, not as a manual of use for a power that wants to ensnare peoples, deceive them and make them docile sheep. Instead, exactly the opposite is happening, even in Italy: it has been seen in recent years, with the past governments of the progressive Italian Left and a few days ago, on the occasion of the government crisis of mid-August. Matteo Salvini, the strong man of the Northern League, has unleashed the crisis on the priming of powers outside Italy but he has put himself in a corner just by himself and now risks ending KO. It has quickly become the object of an avalanche of resentment that goes far beyond the sadly famous two minutes of hatred against the common enemy that in Orwell's dystopia serve to let the people vent and keep it subjugated. It reflects a transnational clash that has repercussions on Italian politics but, unfortunately, also emphasizes other aspects. The 5 Star Movement's reaction to the announcement of the government crisis was not what could be expected from adults, experts in the complexity of politics and its subtleties. It was rather the decomposed and hysterical reaction of a political party apparently in the hands of women and homosexuals, certainly not in those of virile and expert men.
  • Foreign countries owe $30 billion of debt to Russia
    As many as 17 foreign countries owe Russia a total of $27 billion with Belarus, Ukraine and Venezuela being the largest debtors. According to the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the total debt on Russian state loans nears as much as $39.4 billion as of May 1, 2019. Nearly 15.8 billion of this debt accounts for the countries of the former USSR, and more than five billion is held as restructured debts of foreign countries to the former USSR (Vietnam, India, Iraq, Yemen, Cuba).The information on loans becomes public if Russia signs intergovernmental agreements that are subsequently ratified by the State Duma. Most of such loans are political, rather than commercial. They are provided as part of military cooperation that largely remains classified. Moscow gave such loans to Armenia, Venezuela, India and Indonesia.As of June 1, 2019, Belarus owes Russia $7.55 billion. Since 2012, the country's debt has doubled. In the summer of 2019, Moscow refused to refinance the current part of the Belarusian debt. It was the first incidence in the relations between the two countries. Russia's decision forced Belarus to ask for a loan from China and place Russian ruble bonds on the Russian market. The relations between Russia and Belarus have cooled since then. Ukraine follows Belarus with about $3.7 billion of debt to Russia. Kiev still owes 3.075 billion in Eurobonds, which the National Wealth Fund (NWF) acquired in December 2013. In December 2015, the new authorities of Ukraine defaulted those securities. Russia sued Ukraine in connection with that decision, but the case is still pending. Ukraine does not recognize this debt to Russia. Ukrainian officials claim that it was not an interstate loan, but commercial securities. They also say that Russia forced Ukraine to issue those bonds. Russia's Finance Ministry believes, however, that the deal was concluded as a bilateral intergovernmental loan. Ukraine takes into account only the debt of $0.61 billion, which was formed in the early 1990s for the supplies of Russian gas.In 1997, Russia and Ukraine agreed, within the framework of the division of the Black Sea Fleet, that the debt would be repaid in cashless form by offsetting $97.8 million every year for renting the base of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. The last offset was made in March 2014, and the debt was frozen at $606 million.Venezuela holds the largest debt to Russia outside post-Soviet space. Venezuela's debt to Russia amounts to $3.15 billion and is to be repaid in 2027. This debt has been growing since the 2011 loan, the purpose of which was to finance the supplies of Russian arms to Venezuela. In late September, Venezuela is to wire a regular interest payment on the loan in the amount of $200 million. Most likely, Russia will have to deal with problems to receive dollar assets from Caracas after the US imposed sanctions on Venezuela. Cuba owes about three billion dollars to Russia, but there is no precise information about the number. In 2014, Moscow wrote off 90 percent of the Cuban debt, having left $3.52 billion. Cuba repays the debt in equal payments every six months ($1.76 billion is left to pay). In 2015, Moscow gave two more credits to Cuba totalling $1.44 billion to finance local industry projects.Russia also gives export government loans to other countries for the construction of nuclear power plants. For example, a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh has been under construction since 2017. In 2016, Russia agreed to support the construction of this facility with a loan of $11.38 billion. According to the Ministry of Finance of Bangladesh, the amount of financial assistance from the Russian Federation made up almost $2 billion since 2014. Russian loans for the construction of nuclear power plants will be repaid during the period of 20 years starting from 2027.Another state loan in the amount of up to 10 billion euros (11.1 billion dollars) to finance the third stage of the construction of Paks NPP in Hungary was approved in 2014. However, according to the Hungarian Government Debt Office, only $28 million, or 0.25 percent of the total credit line, has been allocated so far.Rosatom (Russian Federal Agency for Atomic Power) is building or is planning to build nuclear power plants in Belarus, India, Turkey and Egypt. Last year, President Putin announced plans to give a loan of $25 billion to Egypt for the construction of a nuclear power plant. The fate of the project remains unknown yet. India owes Russia about $1.1 billion. This debt is denominated in Indian rupees and refers to loans from the former Soviet Union. India repays the debt by exporting goods to Russia.
  • Putin makes his first comment about Moscow protests
    Russian President Vladimir Putin made his first comment about the recent rallies that took place in Moscow in support of unregistered candidates to the Moscow City Duma elections. During his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Putin said that those responsible for violations at rallies in Moscow would have to be held accountable for their actions. According to him, citizens have no right to break the law."Citizens have the right to peaceful protests in accordance with applicable law. The authorities must ensure the implementation of these rights. But no one, neither the authorities, nor any groups of citizens have the right to violate the current law and bring the situation either to absurdity or clashes with the authorities," Putin said. He said that the violations, for which a number of candidates were not allowed to the elections to the Moscow City Duma, were "obvious." Putin added that he would not want a "yellow vest" situation in Moscow. The yellow vest movement is a protest movement in France that appeared in late 2018. Violent "yellow vests" protests sparked in France after an increase in fuel prices. Afterwards, protesters started demanding Macron's resignation.
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